ViVe 2023 Recap

Apr 20, 2023 | News

Last month, MedHealth staff attended the ViVe, a four-day healthcare innovation conference in Nashville, Tennessee. We had a chat with them to learn more about why they went, who they saw, and their takeaways.

Questions and Answers

Why did MedHealth decide to attend ViVe?

Stacey: We attended to stay in-the-know about where healthcare innovation is headed. Emerging technologies are rapidly enabling new approaches to patient care, and MedHealth wants to be involved in conversations that accelerate their growth.

What type of people attend?

Amanda: There was a wide variety of attendees at the event; everything from private sector businesses, startup companies, entrepreneurial support providers, higher education, and government. The conference was swarming with people invested in improving healthcare through innovation.

Stacey petting a furry friend at the puppy park!

Stacey petting a furry friend at the puppy park!

Did you bump into anyone interesting? What did you talk about?

Stacey: I really enjoyed a round table I attended that discussed CancerX, a public-private partnership looking to boost innovation in the fight against cancer. In my small-group discussion, Dr. Catharine Young from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy spoke about the role of community in health outcomes for cancer patients, and the deep social and economic disparities that prevent people from accessing lifesaving care. Just because care exists doesn’t mean it’s accessible.

Amanda: I appreciate that Together.Health members convene in person at large conferences like ViVe. It’s a great place to connect and learn what one another are doing­. I enjoyed learning about Tulsa Innovation Labs’ work in building a coalition of stakeholders to advance health equity through digital health technologies.

And let’s not forget the dog park!

What was your biggest takeaway from the conference?

Stacey: Traditional care is changing. We urgently need to start adopting technologies that create more equitable care delivery and improve health outcomes for all.

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