Driving Enduring Medical Device and Digital Health Innovation in Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario

MedHealth is a regional collaboration connecting, convening, and educating the medical innovation ecosystem in Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario to accelerate the adoption of technologies that improve quality of care and contribute to economic growth.


In 2015, healthcare stakeholders in Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario teamed up to discuss gaps in the region’s medical ecosystem. This group of entrepreneurial service organizations, research institutions, businesses, economic development agencies, and healthcare providers quickly identified the opportunity to work together to leverage the region’s combined assets to encourage growth. This steering committee chose to specifically focus on the innovation of medical devices and digital health as a starting point for elevating the region’s health industry.


Stacey Frankovich
Stacey FrankovichProgram Manager
Amanda Benno
Amanda BennoProgram Coordinator
Kristin Hofman
Kristin HofmanStrategist
Sukhi Ajimal
Sukhi AjimalResearch Expert

MedHealth supports…

activities on both sides of the border that grow the medical device and digital health ecosystem.

MedHealth contributes…

to the growth and retention of business, talent, and investment.

MedHealth serves…

to position medical innovation as a catalyst for the regional economy.