Yvonne Pilon

Yvonne Pilon is an accomplished leader in the technology and innovation sector, currently serving as the President and CEO of WEtech Alliance, a Regional Innovation Centre (RIC). With a proven track record of driving economic growth and fostering entrepreneurial communities, Yvonne has made significant contributions to the industry.

Yvonne’s journey began at the age of 24 when she founded AD2IT, her first tech venture. By the age of 29, she became the youngest female to lead a RIC, showcasing her exceptional leadership abilities. With nearly 15 years of experience in the tech n industry, Yvonne has dedicated her career to building thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems. Her passion for technology and its impact led her to host the popular ‘Tech In The City’ podcast, where she shares her unique insights on tech and business. Recognized as a Top Social Media Influencer in Canadian Tech in 2019, Yvonne’s expertise and influence extend across the Canadian tech landscape.

Beyond her role at WEtech Alliance, Yvonne serves on the Board of Directors for the Technology Councils of North America, the VENN Innovation, and the Advisory Board for the Canadian Tech Network. Her accomplishments have earned her numerous accolades, including recognition as an emerging leader in startups and tech by The Peak and selection as one of the 48 young entrepreneurs representing Canada at the G20 Youth Entrepreneurs’ Alliance.

Yvonne’s commitment to the industry and her community is evident through her involvement in initiatives like YKNOT Windsor-Essex, which focuses on retaining and attracting young talent. Her efforts resulted in international exposure and the creation of Windsor180, the first-ever Millennial-led Summit in the region. As a visionary leader, Yvonne is shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship in Canada, making a lasting impact in the industry and inspiring others along the way.