Vikas Relan


Vikas has worked with the health system for 25 years, starting as a student, then moving into an Information Technology Administrator role, with numerous tasks around helping employees get what they need. This instilled in him an educational mindset which he is very thankful for. He now directs projects and collaborations, taking what Henry Ford does exceptionally well, packaging that into a curriculum, and elevating health care around the country, and even around the world.

This educational mindset shines in everything he does. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, with a focus on Mathematics. He also has a Master’s degree in Education, with a focus on Learning Design and Technology. He is now pursuing his doctorate in Education.

He recently retired from the Grosse Pointe Park City Council, being the first person of color elected to the government in his city, serving his full 4-year term honorably. He followed through on his promises, some including making the city safer, especially for school children and all pedestrians, along with improving the transparency of government actions. He has also held, throughout his life, and currently holds, numerous volunteer positions. His dad taught him while he was young, that “Giving back will make you happier than anything you get.”