Dr. Sukhi Ajimal

Dr. Sukhi Ajimal is part of the TechTown MedHealth division and assists entrepreneurs in the healthcare space with idea development, research, grants, funding, and other services. Sukhi is a recent graduate of Michigan State University-College of Osteopathic Medicine and is training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Sukhi also works with Woodward Angels, an angel investment firm, evaluating life sciences deals. In the past, Sukhi has been extensively involved with clinical research at Detroit Medical Center, helping initiate a clinical trial that examines cardiovascular health. He has done several presentations and publications within the cardiovascular and emergency medicine space. Sukhi’s interests within the healthcare space include value-based care, medical devices, digital health, and access to care. Outside of work, Sukhi enjoys playing golf, collecting sneakers, and spending time with his family.