Devankar Mukhi

Devankar Mukhi is a passionate community organizer, content creator, and member of the Rotary Club of Detroit. As a first-generation American, he brings a unique perspective to his work. Devankar studied at Wayne State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a co-major in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Devankar’s experience revolves around fostering community engagement. He has a history of organizing impactful community dialogues, hosting conferences aimed at empowering youth, and educating community members about the transformative efforts of various organizations.
A seasoned speaker, Devankar has delivered over 100 talks locally and virtually emphasizing the importance of active participation and taking action within the community to create a better world. He has had the honor of keynoting in prominent cities such as Philadelphia, Hartford, and Toronto, Canada. 

Storytelling is at the core of Devankar’s values, and he serves as a dedicated content creator in Detroit. Through his short and long-form videos, he shines a spotlight on local events, businesses, and community organizations. His content inspires followers to become self-starters, embark on their personal growth journeys, and take control of their lives by nurturing their mental and spiritual well-being. Devankar Mukhi strives to be a driving force for positive change in Detroit’s vibrant community and his social media presence worldwide.