When it comes to pitching an idea to a big company, you generally get one chance. For our innovators, they made their three-minute chance count for Pitch @ Henry Ford.

In December 2020, MedHealth teamed up with Henry Ford Innovations (HFI) to bring healthcare startups to share their ideas with clinical and administrative experts at Henry Ford Health System (HFHS). As part of this new program, MedHealth connected eight innovators to pitch their solutions in a virtual event, with the objective of pursuing codevelopment opportunities. These companies were BreezeBubble, Orthoforge, Pathware, RetroPerc, RevKeep, ShapeLog, Slideless, and Spellbound.

Each startup had only three presentation slides to share information about their company, innovation, stage of development, and desired partnership outcome. Following the presentations, HFHS committed to identifying what startups align with its partnership model and innovation needs and then holding follow-up conversations with these companies.

“We’re thankful for our partnership with MedHealth. I honestly think these were some of the most prepared and compelling companies we’ve had participate in Pitch @ Henry Ford,” said Lisa Prasad, vice president and chief innovation officer at HFI. “Congratulations on putting together such a successful collaboration!”

MedHealth is grateful for this partnership with HFI to help entrepreneurs navigate the process of working with health systems while bringing awareness to cutting-edge technology solutions.